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Static vs Dynamic QR Codes

What is the difference between a static and dynamic QR code?

With a dynamic QR code you can track data and you can edit your content at any time to a new content with the same category, this saves you time and money on printing. With a static QR the user will go direct to your embedded data i.e. URL and text, however data cannot be tracked and you are unable to edit your URL. For marketing, Dynamic QR codes are more useful as you can track the following pertinent scan statistics: the number of scans, the time when the user scanned, the location of the scan (city/country) and the device type of the user (iPhone/Android).

Can I switch from a static to a dynamic QR code?

No, once you select and make a static QR we cannot change it to a Dynamic QR code. Static and dynamic QR codes are two different QR code types.

How many free static QR codes can I make?

You can make as many static QR codes as you want; your QR code will never expire and will be valid for a lifetime.

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